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Getting started
Where can I get HESK translations (language packs)?
How do I install HESK?
I downloaded HESK, now what?
What are system requirements for HESK?
HESK Security check list
When does HESK send email notifications and to whom?
Does HESK support email piping?
How to upgrade to a new version of HESK?
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Customization & Integration
Setup POP3 Fetching (email to ticket)
How do I customize HESK look?
How can I modify emails sent by HESK?
How do I translate HESK?
How to disable "Submit" button and multiple submissions?
Setting up email piping
Email piping in CPanel
Troubleshooting email piping
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Problems and Troubleshooting
Gmail POP3, IMAP and SMTP settings
I forgot my login password.
HESK is not sending any emails
You have been locked out the system for 60 minutes
Knowledgebase search isn't working.
I am getting SPAM to my help desk
Office365 SMTP, POP3 and IMAP settings
Gmail password error
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License questions
What are the benefits of purchasing a license?
How do I install a HESK license?
Will I have to reinstall HESK if I purchase a license?
I have a question about my HESK license.
My HESK license stopped working after upgrade.
I have a question about Remote Help Desk solution.
How do I...
How do I populate "Submit a ticket" form fields?
How do I save file in UTF-8 without BOM
How do I disable the captcha (anti-spam) image?
How do I include ticket message in the e-mail?
How do I move HESK to another server?
How do I allow customers to reply to tickets by replying to emails?
How do I submit a ticket in customers' name?
How do I prevent customers from choosing priority?
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Is there a HESK support forum?
Privacy policy
I want to advertise on HESK.COM
Cookie policy
Website Standard Terms and Conditions
HESK Hosted Help Desk Terms of Service
How do I contact HESK author?
Where can I get more free PHP scripts?
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