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I have problems installing or using HESK.

  1. Download HESK, extract files and folders to your computer and read installation instructions inside:

  2. You have read the instructions at least twice and still no luck? Try searching this knowledgebase for solutions to common problems.

  3. As a last resort, try searching for a solution at the PHPjunkyard SUPPORT FORUM
    Username: php
    Password: php
    Please do try searching and reading old posts as many questions have already been answered here. If you can't find a solution, please feel free to post a new question.

Above all, please remember that HESK is a FREE script and thus, no support is guaranteed. The author and many other users will help you on a voluntary basis, so do your homework first and please be patient when waiting for a reply on the support forum.


TIP: For a small fee you can have HESK installed by the HESK author himself, see Installation Service.

TIP: Avoid the hassle and get a working help desk in minutes, try the Hosted Help Desk.

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