HESK or SysAid? How to choose? HESK or SysAid - what is the difference?


Improve customer support

Improve Customer Support

Use HESK help desk software to receive, organize, track and resolve customer support issues.

Reduce your workload

Reduce Your Workload

86% of users say the integrated knowledgebase decreased number of their support requests.

Save time and money

Save Time and Money

HESK is easy to use, fast, lightweight, secure, user friendly and absolutely FREE!

All-in-one solution SysAid

All-In-One Solution

For a complete ITSM solution with everything you need for easy and efficient IT support, use SysAid.

Customers need help. HESK makes it easy.

Customer has an issue

Customer has an issue

Your first line of defense is the integrated knowledgebase allowing customers to resolve common issues themselves. A well-written knowledgebase can save you tons of support tickets!

If no solution is found, customers can contact you by submitting a web form or sending an email. Staff can insert queries received elsewhere, such as over the telephone or on social networks.

Organize, track, prioritize

Help desk software is used to organize and prioritize tickets

HESK automatically assigns a unique ID to each issue - a support ticket is born.

Not all issues are of equal importance. HESK allows you to prioritize tickets by urgency, organize them into categories and filter them in other easy, convenient ways.

Assign to staff

Ticket is assigned to a staff member

Each ticket is assigned to a staff member, either manually or automatically, who uses the HESK web interface to speak with the customer, add notes, attach files and modify ticket details.

Wrong department? No problem. Simply redirect the ticket so the correct staff can work in it!

Issue resolved

Issue is resolved

Customers are notified over email when staff responds to their ticket and the issue is resolved. But HESK doesn't stop here. It tracks overall help desk and staff performance, allows you to generate statistics, convert useful solutions to public knowledgebase articles and much more.


For an even more powerful and complete IT solution see below to find out what SysAid can do for you!

Do even more with SysAid!
Help Desk
Help Desk icon


Work from a single platform to efficiently manage all your IT tasks. A powerful ticket management tool with advanced automation features.

Asset management
Asset management icon


Gain full control over your assets: Track hardware, software , and mobile assets.

Analytics icon


View detailed reports with analytics that are clear and useful, and customize reports to pinpoint data.

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