Hosted Help Desk Software

HESK cloud hosting for instant setup and a hassle-free help desk.

Your help desk up and running instantly. No software to install, everything is set up for you in the cloud.

HESK Cloud

Help desk and knowledgebase with detailed performance insight.

Yes10 Support Agents

Yes10 GB file upload space

YesStatistics module

YesUnlimited Support Tickets

Yes90-day money-back guarantee

YesUS, EU or AU datacenter

YesInstant Setup

$2999 / month $299 / year (save $60)

HESK Cloud Plus

Advanced modules and automation for any size team.

YesUnlimited Support Agents

Yes50 GB file upload space

YesEscalate module

YesSurvey module

YesBranding removal

Yes90-day money-back guarantee

YesUS, EU or AU datacenter

YesInstant Setup

$4999 / month $499 / year (save $100)

SysAid Cloud

The next-level generative AI help desk, a complete tool that empowers productivity with intuitive, conversational service management.

  • AI Conversational Chatbot
  • Automatic Tickets Categorizing & Routing
  • Codeless Configuration
  • Knowledge Base
  • Remote Control
  • Asset Management
  • SysAid for Teams
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics
Daily backups

Free daily backups

All remote help desk accounts are backed up daily to off-site backup servers for free.

Month-to-month contract

Month-to-month contract

No obligations, cancel at any time. Prepay yearly to get a large discount.

Money-back guarantee

100% money-back guarantee

A 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with Hesk Cloud. No questions asked. No hard feelings, either.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will you help me set up HESK Cloud?

Yes, all HESK Cloud users get access to our priority one-on-one support. We will be happy to help you get started.

Will my help desk be secured with SSL (HTTPS)?

Absolutely, all HESK Cloud accounts come with HTTPS enabled at no extra cost.

Can you install additional languages for me?

Yes, we will be happy to install any of the available HESK language packs to your cloud account. Please contact us with your cloud username and desired language packs to install.

Can we move our existing Hesk over to the cloud?

Yes, we can move your existing Hesk installation into the cloud. All your settings, tickets, and data will be preserved, and Hesk updated as needed. Please contact us to arrange the move.

Can we modify the look of our HESK, add our logo?

Yes, you can add custom HTML code to your HESK footer and header files, and you can edit the style file.

Do the above prices include taxes?

No, any applicable taxes (sales tax, VAT, GST ...) will be added to the above-listed prices.

Can I use email to ticket functionality in HESK Cloud?

Yes, the email to ticket functionality (POP3 or IMAP fetching) is indeed supported. To prevent accidental import of thousands of existing emails (yes, that happened before) it is disabled by default, please contact us to enable it.

Can I easily move from HESK to SysAid Cloud?

Unfortunately no, HESK and SysAid are two different products. SysAid Cloud is provided by the long-time HESK supporter, SysAid Technologies. To enjoy SysAid's advanced features please sign up for a SysAid free trial.

What is the file upload limit?

This is the allowed total size of your file attachments (files attached to support tickets and knowledgebase articles); it does not limit the number of tickets or articles.

It is a "soft limit" designed as a safeguard to ensure fair use of system resources. When reached, your help desk will continue to run normally, no data will be lost or deleted. You will be able to purchase additional space, or delete old attachments instead to free up some space and remain within the limit.

Why HESK Cloud, can't I just host HESK myself?

If you are comfortable installing, configuring, upgrading, maintaining, backing up and troubleshooting HESK yourself then yes, you definitely can.

HESK Cloud is best suited for people/organizations who need their help desk up and running worry-free so they can focus their valuable time and effort on their customers.

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