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System requirements

HESK system requirements

PHP 5.3.0+, MySQL 5.0.7+

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HESK translations

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Older releases

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Frequently Asked Questions


Should I download HESK 2 or HESK 3?

You should download the latest HESK release: HESK 3.2.5.
In case you need a simple help desk for legacy platforms (with a light-weight but not mobile-friendly user interface), then HESK 2 is an option. We do not actively develop HESK 2 anymore; it receives only security and select bug fixes.

When is the HESK 2 End of Lifetime (EOL) Date?

HESK 2 doesn't have an EOL Date set; we plan to continue supporting it for the foreseeable future. Note that HESK 2 will not receive any new features. However, it will receive security and select bug fixes. In other words, HESK 2 has gone into the Long-term support (LTS) lifecycle.

I downloaded HESK, now what?

Extract (unzip) the files and folders from the HESK download archive, then open the docs/index.html file and follow the step-by-step instructions under "Installation"

Is there an easier way to get HESK?

Why yes, there is, thanks for asking. To get a hassle-free help desk up and running in minutes, please sign up for HESK Cloud.

Can I upgrade HESK 2 to HESK 3?

Yes, you can update your HESK version 2.x.x to HESK 3. Please login to your help desk, go to Settings and click the Check for updates link to see available upgrade options.

Can I upgrade HESK to SysAid?

Unfortunately no, HESK and SysAid are two different products from two different companies. To enjoy SysAid's advanced features please sign up for a SysAid free trial.

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