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How do I install translations (languge packs)?

  1. Find and download a HESK translation for your HESK version.

  2. Now that you have the compressed language pack on your computer, you will need to extract (unzip) it.

    The extracted archive should contain a language folder with several files and sub-folders. For example, the French language pack contains a language folder named /fr 

  3. Using FTP you will need to upload the language folder into your HESK /language folder.

  4. Login to your HESK Administration panel.

  5. Go to Settings page from the top menu.

  6. On the General tab see if the translation can be selected under Default Language.

    If YES, the language is ready to be installed, proceed to next step.

    If NO, something went wrong. Click the Test language folder link; it will list all the folders located in the language folder and reason why the language can't be installed.

  7. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the settings page to finish installation.

  8. Test HESK with the new language and make sure it works OK.


Multiple languages

To use HESK with more than one installed language, set Multiple languages setting to ON.

If you provide support in one (default) language only, leave it at NO.

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