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How do I customize the Hesk theme?

You can completely customize the look and feel of your Hesk public side by modifying Hesk theme / template files. Basic CSS/HTML knowledge will be required.

Did you know? For Hesk version 3.2.4+, some additional styles are available for you at Hesk Styles.

The general guidelines are to:

  1. backup your existing Hesk files!

  2. make a copy of your /theme/hesk3 folder, for example copy it to /theme/mytheme

  3. give the theme a unique name:
    • open the config.json file (in your new theme, i.e. /theme/mytheme/config.json) in a text editor
    • change the theme name, for example change:
        "name": "HESK"


        "name": "My Theme"
    • save changes to the config.json file

  4. edit the template files to fit your needs

  5. login to Hesk admin panel > Settings > General and under Site theme select your new theme from the list

  6. click  Save changes  at the bottom


This will apply your customized theme to Hesk public (customer) side.

Note: when Debug mode is turned OFF (admin panel > Settings > Help desk > Debug mode), Hesk uses minimized files, so app.min.css and app.min.js will be used.

When making changes to your theme, you should either:

  • turn debug mode ON; when you are ready to go live, save CSS and JS files as app.min.css and app.min.js then turn the debug mode off.

    - or -

  • make a copy of app.css to app.min.css and edit this file; it's easier to read than the original compressed app.min.css file.

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