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How do I customize HESK text?


This guide works only with HESK version 2.7.0 or newer.


Do not edit the text.php file directly; if you do, your modifications will be overwritten by future HESK updates!

Follow the steps below to customize the text instead.


» The short version (for PHP developers):

  1. Download the custom-text.php file

  2. The custom-text.php will be included after text.php, so copy any $hesklang value from text.php and modify it inside custom-text.php

  3. Make sure the custom-text.php file is saved in UTF-8 without BOM

  4. Upload the custom-text.php your /language/en folder


» A Step-by-step guide:

Let's say you want to change Submit a ticket text to Ask a question in your help desk.

Here are the recommended steps to do it:


  1. Download and install this powerful free text editor: Notepad++ .

  2. Download the custom-text.php file

  3. Open file custom-text.php in Notepad++

  4. Open HESK language file /language/en/text.php in Notepad++

  5. Copy any text you wish to edit from text.php to custom-text.php.

    You need to copy everything from $ to ;

    $hesklang['sub_support']='Submit a ticket';

  6. Modify the text value inside custom-text.php:

    $hesklang['sub_support']='Ask a question';

    When changing the text, pay attention to:
    • only change the green text in example above

    • keep everything left of the = sign intact

    • keep single quotes (') around text

    • keep the semi-colon (;) at the end of line

    • if you use single quotes in the words escape them with a backslash (\)
      WRONG: can't
      CORRECT: can\'t

    • keep any special codes such as %s and %d as they are used by HESK

  7. Save changes in custom-text.php

  8. Upload custom-text.php to your server, inside the /language/en directory

  9. Open custom-text.php file in your browser to check syntax, for example:

    If everything is OK you should get a message saying "No syntax errors detected in /custom-text.php".

    If you get any errors then the PHP syntax is wrong. The error should give you line number with error, check syntax around that line; make sure all lines end with ";" and quotes are escaped with \'

  10. Test HESK to make sure it works OK and that the modified text appears
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