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How do I add my Favicon to HESK?

 » Change the Favicon in Hesk 3.x.x

In Hesk 3 favicons are located in folder /img/favicon

First, use this tool to generate your favicon to be used on various devices/browsers:

Then replace the original images in /img/favicon with the new ones and force refresh the browser (CTRL + F5 on most devices).

Important: you should only upload your generated image files *.png, *.ico, and *.svg; the rest of the files inside /img/favicon should be left intact.


 » To add a Favicon in Hesk 2.x.x, follow these steps:

  1. Create your favicon image.

    For best browser compatibility it should be in ICO format and named favicon.ico

    How to convert image to ico?
  2. Upload the favicon image to your server, for example to:

  3. Open file inc/ in a plain text or HTML editor

  4. Find this line of code inside the inc/ file:

  5. Just below this line add something like:
    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="" />​
  6. Save changes and upload the modified file to your server.


That's it - your help desk should have a nice new favicon!


 » If your Favicon still doesn't show:

  • Try force-refreshing your help desk in your browser. In most browsers, you do that by pressing
    CTRL + F5

  • Double-check that the URL of your favicon image ("favicon.ico") is correct. Can you open it in the browser and see the icon image?

  • You did modify the "" URL in the code in step 4. above, didn't you?

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