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How to customize email subjects

Note: Guide for modifying email message templates is here.

» The short version:

  • Email subject templates inside language/en/text.php file

  • Special tags that can be used in templates are listed in a table below.

» A Step-by-step guide:

To modify email subjects follow these steps:

  1. Open the HESK language/en/text.php file in a text editor.

    Do NOT use Notepad or Wordpad in Windows as they do not save UTF-8 files correctly (without BOM)!

    Use a more powerful text editor, such as your website editor or the free Notepad++.

    In latest HESK versions do not edit the text.php file directly, use the custom_text.php file instead!

  2. Email templates start below line 23:

  3. To modify a template modify the right side of the line:

    $hesklang['DO NOT EDIT HERE'] = 'CHANGE THIS';

    Available email subject templates are:

    Variable Used when
    $hesklang['new_ticket_staff'] Sent to staff when a new unassigned ticket is submitted
    $hesklang['ticket_received'] Sent to customer when a new ticket is submitted
    $hesklang['ticket_assigned_to_you'] Sent to staff when a new ticket is assigned
    $hesklang['new_reply_by_customer'] Sent to staff when customer replies to a ticket
    $hesklang['new_reply_by_staff'] Sent to customer when staff replies to a ticket
    $hesklang['category_moved'] Sent to staff when a ticket category is changed
    $hesklang['new_note'] Sent to staff when someone adds a note to a ticket assigned to him/her
    $hesklang['new_pm'] Sent to staff when a new private message arrives
    $hesklang['forgot_ticket_id'] A list of (open) tickets sent to the customer
  4. When editing email subjects you can use these special tags and HESK will replace them with corresponding values before sending out emails:

    %%SUBJECT%% ticket subject
    %%TRACK_ID%% ticket tracking ID
    %%CATEGORY%% ticket category
    %%PRIORITY%% ticket priority
    %%STATUS%% ticket status
  5. When you are done, save the file in UTF-8 encoding without byte order mark (BOM)!

Note: If you are using email piping or POP3 fetching these two email subject templates must contain [#%%TRACK_ID%%] tag for HESK to recognize email replies:


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