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Installation script doesn't move from step 2


Your server most likely has problems with PHP sessions.

  1. Download Session test files

  2. Upload session_test.php and session_test2.php to your server

  3. Open session_test.php in your browser.

  4. Click the CLICK HERE FOR PAGE 2 link.

  5. If the message says "$_SESSION['test'] is set to: FALSE":
    Contact your hosting company and ask them to check why PHP sessions aren't working normally.

  6. If the message says TRUE instead, try this:

    1. If you modified any of the HESK files, try with the original files
    2. Try searching for help at the PHPJunkyard Support forum
        Username: php
        Password: php


TIP: For a small fee you can have HESK installed by the HESK author himself, see Installation Service.

TIP: Avoid the hassle and get a working help desk in minutes, try the Hosted Help Desk.

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