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You have been locked out the system for 60 minutes

» The problem:

When you try to access HESK you see this error message:


You have been locked out the system for 60 minutes because of too many login failures.


» Why is this happening?

HESK has temporarily banned you (or someone else from the same IP address) because of too many failed login attempts.

This is a security measure in Hesk designed to prevent brute-force login attempts. It happens either to staff trying to log into HESK with the wrong usernames/passwords or to customers trying to enter the wrong ticket tracking IDs.


» The solution:

The ban is temporary and will expire in 60 minutes by default.

You may adjust your blocking settings in your HESK admin panel >  Settings  >  Help desk  under "Security":
- Login attempts limit (allowed number of failed attempts)
- Ban time (minutes)


To manually remove the ban, follow these steps:

  1. Download this file.

  2. Upload the remove-ban.php file into your HESK folder.

  3. You have three options:

    » To unblock your own IP address, open remove-ban.php in your browser:

    » To unblock a single IP address, open remove-ban.php?ip=IP_ADDRESS_HERE in your browser:

    » To unblock all IP addresses, open remove-ban.php?ip=ALL in your browser:

  4. When done, delete the remove-ban.php file from the server


» Notes:

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