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Knowledgebase search isn't working.

Can't find a knowledgebase article by searching? Try adding more articles to the knowledgebase.

The reason is MySQL fulltext search, that is used by HESK, will only return results if the query (keyword) is included in less than 50% of articles. Words that appear in 50% or more database entries are considered too broad and thus ignored by the search.

Also, MySQL fulltext search will ignore words less than 3 chars long and words listed in MySQL's default stoplist.

So, if you are having problems with knowledgebase searches try adding more unique articles to the knowledgebase covering different subjects.


Tip: consider adding a line with related keywords at the bottom of the article for even better search results, like this:

Keywords: search, keywords, not working, no results, search broken, doesn't work, KB

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