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How do I populate "Submit a ticket" form fields?

As of version 2.6.x HESK allows you to automatically fill the "Submit a ticket" form fields with custom values.

To fill an input field, the data needs to be sent to the "Submit a ticket" form in either a HTTP GET or POST request.

Make sure all the values are properly URL encoded. For example, pass them through urlencode() or rawurlencode() functions in PHP.


Available parameters:

Parameter name Sets value in field Value type
name Customer name URL-encoded string
email Customer email URL-encoded string
catid Ticket category Integer (numerical category ID)
category Ticket category Integer (numerical category ID)
priority Ticket priority

3 = Low
2 = Mediun
1 = High
0 = Critical (admin panel only)

subject Ticket subject URL-encoded string
message Ticket message URL-encoded string
custom1 - custom50 Custom fields 1 to 50 respectively URL-encoded string



#1 Fill in customer name (John Doe) and email address (


#2 Select category ID 3 and set custom field number 5 to "0800-128-458":


#3 Fill in ticket subject and high priority:

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