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How can I modify emails sent by HESK?

HESK version 2.7.0 (and newer) has a convenient tool to edit email templates from the admin panel instead:

Admin panel > Tools > Email templates

Note: Guide for modifying email subjects is here.

Email templates must be saved as UTF-8 encoding! If your text editor doesn't support saving in UTF-8, you can try the free Notepad++.

» The short version:

  • Email templates are inside language/en/emails/

  • Special tags that can be used in templates are listed in a table below.

» A Step-by-step guide:

You can easily customize or translate email messages sent by HESK by modifying email templates.

Open the HESK language/en/emails folder. You will find several email templates there in plain text files:

category_changed.txt email sent to notify staff when a ticket category is changed
forgot_ticket_id.txt email reminder sent if someone forgot (lost) their ticket tracking number
new_pm.txt you received a new private message (mail) from another staff member
new_reply_by_customer.txt email sent to staff (you) when a customer replies to a ticket
new_reply_by_staff.txt email sent to the customer after staff responds to a ticket
new_ticket.txt email confirmation sent to the customer when he/she submits a new ticket
new_ticket_staff.txt email sent to staff notifying them of a new ticket being submitted
ticket_assigned_to_you.txt email sent to staff when a new ticket is assigned to them
new_note.txt email sent to staff when someone adds a note to a ticket assigned to him/her


Simply open and edit email templates in a text editor and upload them over the original files.

When editing emails you can use these special tags and HESK will replace them with corresponding values before sending out emails:

%%NAME%% customer name
%%EMAIL%% customer email (since version 2.5.0)
%%SUBJECT%% ticket subject
%%MESSAGE%% ticket (reply) message
%%CREATED%% date and time of ticket submission
%%UPDATED%% date and time of ticket last update
%%TRACK_ID%% ticket tracking ID
%%TRACK_URL%% ticket URL address
%%SITE_TITLE%% your website title
%%SITE_URL%% your website URL address
%%CATEGORY%% ticket category
%%OWNER%% staff member assigned to the ticket
%%PRIORITY%% ticket priority
%%STATUS%% ticket status
%%ID%% sequential ticket ID
value of custom field 1 (or custom field 20 in the second case).


Note: file new_pm.txt (new private message received) supports only these tags:

%%NAME%% - name of the staff member who sent the PM
%%SUBJECT%% - subject of the PM
%%MESSAGE%% - message (since version 2.5.0)
%%TRACK_URL%% - URL of the PM
%%SITE_TITLE%% - website title
%%SITE_URL%% - website URL


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