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HESK is not sending any emails

There are many possible reasons why you are not receiving emails from HESK. This article covers the most common ones.

  1. Look inside your Spam (Junk/Bulk mail) folder in case the emails ended up there.

  2. Turn Debug mode to ON in your HESK settings then submit a test ticket and see if you get any error messages.

  3. Is your PHP mail() function configured properly? Does it allow sending mail o third party domains? Check with your hosting company.

  4. Try sending mail using a SMTP server (see HESK Settings > Email tab).

    Verify SMTP settings by clicking the Test SMTP Connection button in HESK settings.

    Also, make sure your SMTP email address is set as "From:" Email in your HESK settings (General tab).

  5. Make sure your "From:" Email address in HESK settings is a valid and existing email address.

    If you are sending mail using SMTP this should be the same as your SMTP email address username.

  6. If nothing works consult with your hosting company and check if sending emails has been disabled.

  7. Do at least some emails arrive? If so, email sending is working, double-check your email address and SPAM filter settings.

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