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Setting up email piping

Important: email piping may not be possible to setup on your server, check with your host.

In that case use POP3 Fetching or IMAP Fetching instead.

Steps to setup email piping:

  1. Enable HESK email piping:

    1. Login to HESK admin panel
    2. Click Settings in the top menu
    3. Click tab Help Desk
    4. Under Features set Email piping to ON
    5. Click Save changes button at the bottom
  2. Open file inc/mail/hesk_pipe.php in a plain text editor like Notepad and verify that the first line matches path to PHP on your server. Correct if necessary.

    The path to PHP is something you need to get from your hosting company!

  3. Decide what email address you want to use for email piping, for example

    Note: The address you enter should be the same as the "From:" email setting in your HESK settings to allow your customers to reply to tickets via email as well!

  4. Make sure file inc/mail/hesk_pipe.php has executable permissions. On Linux servers CHMOD this file to 755 (rwxr-xr-x).

  5. Set up the email address to pipe data to the hesk_pipe.php file, for example to:

    Note: Email to PHP script piping can be tricky to setup and depends on your server software, not HESK.

    If your host uses CPanel, see email piping in CPanel instructions.

    If not, check with your hosting company if email to PHP piping is supported.

  6. Test email piping by sending an email to your email piping address. If a new ticket is created email piping has been setup correctly.


Having trouble getting email piping to work? See troubleshooting email piping.

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