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Email piping in CPanel


Note: for the complete HESK email piping guide please read HESK email piping article first.


To setup email piping in CPanel follow these steps:

  1. Login to your CPanel account.

  2. In the Mail menu click Forwarders.

    Cpanel Mail Menu

  3. Click the Add Forwarder button.

  4. In the Address field enter email address you wish to pipe to, for example

    Note: The address you enter should be the same as the From: email setting in your HESK settings to allow customers replying to tickets as well.

  5. Click Advanced Options ».

  6. Select Pipe to a Program:

  7. Enter path to hesk_pipe.php file, for example:

  8. Click Add Forwarder button.

    Setup email piping

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