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How do I remove "Powered by help desk software HESK"?


» Why are there "Powered by" links?

HESK is free software; it can be used on any website completely free of charge.

The only thing required in return is to leave the "Powered by..." credits at the bottom of the help desk visible. This helps build brand recognition and drive interested visitors to the HESK website.


» I still want to remove the "Powered by help desk software HESK"?

You can, simply buy a HESK license.


The license is a one-time fee only and does not expire. You also contribute to future HESK development.


» Warning: do not be fooled by various "cracked" or "nulled" HESK copies!

Not only are these illegal, but more importantly they:

  • are often infected with backdoors and modifications that allow people to hack your server,
  • cannot be updated to the latest and greatest HESK versions,
  • receive absolutely no support from the HESK author.


Thank you for supporting HESK by either leaving the Powered by credits intact or purchasing a license.

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