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ReCaptcha - Improved SPAM prevention for HESK

NOTE: later versions of HESK have reCaptcha support built-in. Enable it in HESK Settings.


» HESK 2.4.2 ReCaptcha plugin

Install this plugin to improve SPAM Prevention features of HESK.

This plugin will replace the original HESK anti-SPAM image with ReCaptcha, a free anti-SPAM service provided by Google.

This is how your new anti-SPAM image will look like:

HESK with ReCaptcha


» Download ReCaptcha plugin

Click here to download ReCaptcha plugin


» Install ReCaptcha plugin

When downloaded, open the file HOW TO INSTALL.html located inside the archive for instructions and details.


Note: This plugin works only with HESK version 2.4.2!

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