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What cookies does HESK (the software) use?

Cookies are text files that are stored in a computer system via an Internet browser.

HESK (the software) uses cookies to perform some essential tasks (such as verifying a user is logged in) and to provide the users of the software with more user-friendly services that would not be possible without them.

Here is a list of cookies that HESK help desk software uses:

  1. PHP session cookie

    Stores a unique identifier about PHP session (a random sequence of numbers and letters that tell PHP where on the server back-end information is stored). This is an essential cookie that is required for normal operation of HESK and preserving user state when navigating across different user interface pages.

    Cookie name: random, starts with "HESK", for example "HESKa46e52fo89654aa654d"
    Expires after: browser close

  2. Username and password cookies

    Set only for staff members who explicitly mark that HESK login details should be remembered on a computer. Contains a hashed (one-way encrypted) username and password combination.

    Cookie name: hesk_username
    Expires after: 1 year

    Cookie name: hesk_p
    Expires after: 1 year, if logged out then after browser close

  3. Email address cookie

    Set only to HESK users who explicitly mark "Remember my email address" checkbox in HESK user interface. Contains user's email address. This cookie is only available and used if HESK is configured to require emails to view tickets.

    Cookie names: hesk_myemail
    Expires after: 1 year

  4. Auto refresh cookie

    Used for the operation of the "Auto refresh page" function in the admin panel only. It is needed to remember the last state of the auto refresh checkbox selection.

    Cookie name: autorefresh
    Expires after: browser close

  5. Language cookie

    This cookie is used to remember what language has been selected by a user if multiple languages are installed in the help desk.

    Cookie name: hesk_language
    Expires after: 1 year

  6. Knowledgebase rating cookie

    This cookie is used to remember what knowledgebase articles a user has rated already. If the cookie is present, the "Was this article helpful?" prompt does not appear in the related knowledgebase article.

    Cookie name: hesk_kb_rate
    Expires after: 30 days


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