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I have a question about a purchase/product/service on another website

We do not and cannot provide support for purchases, products, or services offered on third-party websites (websites other than

HESK is free software: it can be downloaded anonymously, and it is being used on thousands of websites worldwide.

Most HESK users are legitimate businesses that will respond to customer inquiries, but it is possible the free software is being used on websites that do not adhere to good business practices.

If you see a “Powered by Help Desk Software HESK” link on a website, this means the website is using the free HESK software to power their help desk. doesn’t have contact information of the website owner or any control of the website (just like Microsoft doesn’t have control over a computer running Microsoft Windows, for example).

To get help with purchases, products, or services on websites other than, contact that website directly.

If you have been tricked or mislead by a website or simply want a refund, contact the company you made the payment to and report any abuse to your bank and/or local law enforcement agencies.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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