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Can I use HESK as a knowledgebase only?

If you want to disable submitting tickets and just use HESK knowledgebase functionality (like the knowledgebase you are just reading), follow these steps:


  1. Install HESK and make sure it works OK

  2. Delete these files:
    - index.php
    - ticket.php
    - submit_ticket.php
    - reply_ticket.php

  3. Rename file "knowledgebase.php" to "index.php"

  4. Open the following files in a plain text editor. Inside change all instances of "knowledgebase.php" to "index.php":
    - index.php (the old knowledgebase.php file)
    - suggest_articles.php
    - inc/

  5. Upload the modified files and give it a try.

This should let you use the HESK as a knowledgebase without handling support tickets.

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