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Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Welcome to a short guide on creating a customer satisfaction survey that you can use with Hesk. We'll look at what tools you can use to set up the survey and what questions to ask.


» What tools to use for a Customer Satisfaction Survey

After a ticket is resolved, Hesk survey module will send out a link to your customer satisfaction survey to your customer. You can create your survey in any survey tool as long as they generate an URL (link) to the survey.

I. You have an existing survey tool

If you already use a survey tool, that's great; by all means, keep using what works for you.

Enter the survey URL into the Survey Module, and enable it.


II. Free survey tools

Here are some free survey tools you can try:

  • Google Forms - a surprisingly simple but powerful from creator Google. You can easily set up a survey with Google Forms, have the results emailed to you, or view them nicely aggregated in an online report.

  • Survey Planet - a web service that specializes in creating various surveys. They have a free plan that allows you to create free online surveys with unlimited questions and responses.


III. Advanced tools

For more in-depth reporting, integrations, and insight into your customers, you may want to opt-in for a paid survey tool.

  • SysAid Survey - as you would expect from such a powerful tool for IT service desks, SysAid features an easy-to-use tool for collecting feedback from your users and analyzing your agent's performance through their eyes. SysAid is a stand-alone solution that does not integrate into Hesk, but we can easily recommend it as an all-in-one solution for IT service desks.

  • Qualtrics - a leader in customer experience management that has great articles and resources on customer service surveys. Maybe too complex for small businesses and organizations; they primary target medium and large businesses.

  • Last but not least, search Google (or your favorite search engine) and compare various other survey solutions.


» What questions to ask in a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Now that you've got the tools ready let's consider how to structure your survey.

I. Keep your survey short and simple

The reality is customers don't like taking surveys, and probably neither do you. Keeping the survey short will increase the likelihood of your customers answering them.

There are thousands of questions you could ask and various methodologies you can use, but unless you have very specific requirements, the baseline principle should be to keep it simple!


II. Choose the correct type of questions

Most of your questions should be of a select type; either a scale (1-5 or 1-10), descriptive (Very bad, Poor, Average, Good, Excellent) and suitable for the question (Extremely easy, Extremely knowledgable, Extremely helpful, Extremely satisfied).

While there is a place and time for free-text answers (text boxes), these are usually not able to be included in automated reports and must be read manually one by one. Keep them sparingly to extract valuable feedback from your customers.


III. Agent-specific questions

You want to ask your customers how the support agent (staff member) performed. Consider questions like:

  • How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with our support agents?
  • How knowledgeable or unknowledgeable would you say our service team member was?
  • How effective or ineffective the agent's communication was?
  • What can we do next time to get a 10/10 score?


IV. Chanel-specific questions

These questions focus on how easy it was to reach customer support and what channel (website, telephone, social media, ...) your customers used. For example:

  • Was this your first interaction with us over this help desk (email, chat, telephone, social media account, ...)?
  • How easy was it to find the help desk (email, chat, telephone number, social media account, ...)?
  • How helpful was our knowledgebase?
  • What channel do you prefer to use (email, ticket, chat, telephone, ...)?


V. Customer satisfaction (CSAT) questions

Customer satisfaction is simply a measure of how products and services supplied by your company meet or surpass customer expectations. Typical CSAT questions include:

  • How satisfied were you with (your company, product, service)?
  • How often do you typically use ...?
  • How would you rate your experience with (product, service) on a scale of 1 (Very bad) to 5 (Excellent)?
  • How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?


VI. Further reading


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